The Spiritual Exercises – the fourth week

During this week we are asked to bring the encounters of the Risen Jesus with the disciples to focus in our prayer.  We do this so that we can more clearly see how it is that we, in our  ordinary lives,  can meet with Jesus and recognise his presence.  We seek to draw strength, consolation and hope from Jesus presents to us, the better that we may inspire and encourage others in our ministry.

See Ignatian Spirituality for more about the Spiritual Exercises

Ignatius of Loyola wrote the Spiritual Exercises once he had found that certain meditations and contemplations–“Exercises”–were helpful to others in coming to a clearer image of God, themselves and their place in the world. While the text is widely published, the Exercises are a more a set of “director’s notes” used to guide a person during a month-long retreat than a text to be read alone. The ‘weeks’ described in the Exercises refer to the four main phases.

Every Jesuit does the Spiritual Exercises during his initial training and again during Tertianship. Please pray for the Tertians in Dublin who will be doing the exercises from 19 November to 20 December.