The Tertians concluded the presentations of their personal stories during this last week before the long retreat. These helped us, individually and collectively, to grow in appreciation of how variously God works in our lives. We took some time on Thursday and Friday to draw together some themes that have arisen in the last few weeks in anticipation of the month’s prayer, silence and reflection that the retreat entails.
Brian Grogan, former novice master, teacher of theology and currently acting director of Sacred Space, visited us on Thursday night to talk about his life as a Jesuit, his inspirations and struggles. It was another helpful insight for us into how a Jesuit seeks balance between reflection and action in the changing circumstances and situations that his vocation brings.
The following posts will be automated, scheduled to appear each Monday, as the retreat involves switching off from the world, the better to tune into God’s working in our lives. We don’t so much turn aside from the created world; it is more that we we remind ourselves of its origin, purpose and destiny. We bring everything we have experienced to our prayer, trusting God to show us more clearly why and how we engage with everything God has created.
We invite you to pray with us during these coming weeks and to pray for us as we engage in the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

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