As the long retreat approaches, the timetable begins to address aspects of prayer in remote preparation. Paddy Greene presented two sessions on Monday about the bible, dreams and imagination. He described the importance of dreams in the bible and in tradition and stressed that dreams are at the service of health and wholeness; every dream having a message which only the dreamer can identify. Some discussion followed on dreams offered by individuals, using a proven method of interaction with them. Tuesday saw a lot more discussions over breakfast!
On Tuesday, Seamus O’Connell of Maynooth offered three sessions on Lectio Divina. While relying on a scholarship, Seamus used to practised method to draw attention to the simplicity required for reading the word of God.
Orlando Torres, the General’s Assistant for Formation, arrived on Wednesday night and took two sessions on Thursday and Friday mornings. He spoke on a range of issues, describing their importance for the Church and for the Society. On Friday morning he addressed many questions that had been prepared by Tertians. His visit was welcomed by the Tertians: he was very generous with his time and was interested in hearing from various the countries and apostolates, his long experience in Rome having given him much insight into how the Society fulfils its mission.
A group went Glasnevin on Saturday morning, to pray for the dead at the Jesuit plots in the cemetery.