In the two sessions in the morning, Fr. Orlando Torres gave the general situation in the curia under Fr. Adolfo Nicolas. There are topics : universal availability and planning, Spiritual Depth, Formation, Leadership, Creativity, Intellectual Apostolate, Community Life, The first step of the spirit of GC 35.

Emphasizing some parts:

  1. Universality availability : freedom and mobility to be sent to any mission, for a short or longer term
  2. Spiritual Depth : what kind of prayer? Transformative prayer moves to freedom to be sent
  3. Formation : toward universal availability; intellectual apostolate and leadership
  4. Leadership : vision and administrator, skills can be taught.
  5. Creativity ; mission in the various context.
  6. Intellectual Apostolate : mission on the crossroad faith and science, not always in university
  7. Community life : triptych Identity, mission and Community , community for mission, witness living Gospel.