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The theme for this week set by the daily sessions in which each member of the Tertianship community–the Tertians and instructors–took the time to “share from heart”; each person in turn offered a reflection on an aspect of their Jesuit experience, recalling feelings and reactions that are significant to them. The responses given by the members of the group to each individual provided ‘mirrors’ to help develop a fuller appreciation of the significance of what had been shared. This was, effectively, the work of the week and helpful in drawing Tertians into a reflective appreciation of one another and have their own insights and expression.

Having heard about Ireland’s harsh winter, the Tertians welcomed (warmly) the hottest day of the year on Wednesday when temperatures crept up to 25C and the surroundings in Dollymount and Saint Anne’s Park looked especially beautiful.

Wednesday offered the opportunity for participation in Manresa’s Movies that matter series and Thursday brought a visit from John Guiney of the African province with on Thursday.  John described his Jesuit vocation  experience life in Africa and in Ireland,  we now Social Delegate  for the Irish province of the Society of Jesus  by working in the Mission office and Jesuit  Centre for Faith and Justice.