Joe this morning lectured us on two topics: one is on spiritual journey of Saint Ignatius and the other is the witness of Pedro Arrupe. In the topic of Ignatius’ spiritual journey, Joe guided us through the Diary of Saint Ignatius. In reading this personal document of Saint Ignatius, we can the deepest heart of Saint Ignatius and the atmosphere when Ignatius was writing Constitution. There are five keys, used to read Saint Ignatius spiritual diary: Trinitarian mysticism, Eucharistic mysticism, multiplicity of gifts, mysticism of service, and mysticism with consolation.

Then in the second session, Joe showed a video of Father O’Keefe. O’Keefe shared his personal experience living with Arrupe. We have three topics on Arrupe: humble Jesuit, finding God in the people’s life, and living uncertainty.

Andrzej presided mass for the community and inspired us by telling the story of the movie “Black Robe.”

Mr. Andre from Saint Joseph community came to meet Alban and Toto. He asked for the Sacrament of the Sick for the community members in the hospital.

Father Jan has come back from the meeting in Poland and the funeral of his uncle in Amsterdam. He joined with us in supper.

In the evening about 7.45, some of us went to a Gospel Choir concert led by Brendan.