9.30        Brian O’Leary opened the class on the Constitutions by giving an understanding of why Constitution written by Ignatius. It was Ignatius’ idea that he wanted to involve others in his vision –  helping the souls. Through the Constitutions, Ignatius shared his spiritual experience to achieve God’s greater glory in a corporate mission. Through the Constitutions, Ignatius’ interior life and his spiritual vision, which is for the corporate mission, can clearly and profoundly be discovered.

11.00     Fr. Brian shared a topic: the way to understand our Constitutions. The Constitutions are written organically by Ignatius, not thematically: he begins with the General Examen for those who will enter the Society; then he looks at formation and mission. The Constitution was intentionally written by Ignatius and has an orientation towards being sustainable and developmental. The Constitution is the way to enflesh the spirit, the spirituality of the Society.

17.00     Fr. Brian gave us a topic on Constitution as ‘Schools’. School means way to incorporate to the body of the Society, with emphasis on the mission. These three schools are virtues, heart and spirit. Virtues includes (1) solid virtues, good Christian life, faith, hope; (2) spiritual welfare, and (3) a tool formation. Besides giving this way to approach the Constitutions, he also shared the history of Constitutions through the history of the Society of Jesus since the death of Saint Ignatius until the suppression of the Society and from the time of suppression until the present time.  Before the suppression, the Constitutions had been approached as a summary of rules. Then after the suppression, it has been approached and used in different ways:  in juridical approaches, devotional approaches and historical approaches.

On the feast of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Earl celebrated mass for the community at 12.20.