Happy birthday Gabriel – 40 years of age.

In the morning we had two sessions with Father Joe Dargan, on the “Deliberatio Primorum Patrum” and “Formula Instituti”. At 9.30, we were directed to the spirit of the “Deliberatio Primorum Patrum” which is based on the annotation 22 of the Spiritual Exercises. This deliberatio is community discernment. This is not a kind of debate, discussion or dialogue: discernment is with the attitude of deep listening and with prayer for the apostolic service. This is the spirituality of the body of Society of Jesus.

In the study of Formula Instituti, we were asked to read deeply on the two texts of the formula, Julius III and Paul III, then comparing both of them. What are the diffrences? What are the changes? What are things which might make the formula change? What were the experiences of the First Fathers which made their desire to change?  With these reflection guides in our mind, we left the aula before twelve.

Then we have mass for the feast of John Ogilvie, Jesuit Martyr. Gabriel who is celebrating his birthday presided at mass, he underlined the apostolic spirit.

In the afternoon at 5.45, we had Joe Greenan, explained about Children Safeguarding Policy of the Irish Province. He emphasized on the three important points: listening, recording, and pass it on. If we hear a case, we need to do these three actions: listen for complaints and the suspicious story, then record the story and pass the story to the responsible person in the community.

At 8 pm, we had a haustus and birthday celebratiion for Gabriel. Gabriel, as he is a bird watcher, showed forty birds. He showed the name of the birds, the sound when they sing and the place they normally stay. Thanks Gabriel for the birds’ show and happy birthday.