In the morning we had a sharing session on the past week’s experience. Every Tertian said something about Glendalough and sharing from the heart. Fathers Jan and Joe also shared something in the sharing of reflection.
In the second session today, we received an introduction to write our own story, our autobiography. Father Joe encouraged us to go deeply, looking on our ownselves. In the process of recalling, we are asked to see them in the feeling of gratitude and uniqueness. He asked us to let our stories unfold. At the end each one of us received the guide to write our own stories.
Toto presided at mass today. He shared about the change in Myanmar which has been almost impossible under the military power.
In the afternoon we did not have any session, it was the time for reading the guideline of the autobiography. We, Tertians only, had a short meeting to choose three Tertians, who will facilitate us in having community meetings. The three Tertians are Earl, Brendan and Andrzej.