We had mass at 9:00am led by Andrzej, just before we departed for Glendalough. We divided into four groups, according to the number of cars.

  1. In Brother  Peter Doyle’s car :  Toto, Gabriel and Jeroslav
  2. In Father Jan’s car : Danang, Robert and Andrzej
  3. In Brendan’s car : Lorenco and Pavel
  4. In Piaras’ car: Alban and Earl

At 10.00  we departed for Glendalough. Reaching An Tearmann retreat house about 11:30 where we were welcomed warmly by Michael Rogers (Saint Patrick’s Missionary Society) and Sister Breda (Passionist sister).  After a simple lunch we moved to visit Saint Kevin’s site and visitors’ centre, making a tour of the Monastic City led by Brendan. We had a guided tour, starting from the visitors’ centre and then moved to the sites. In the centre, the miniature of Glendalough is displayed and there is short movie introducing Saint Kevin and the monastic sites. The tour guide informed and explained well about the two churches and the tower.  After ending the guided tour, we continued navigated by Brendan to walk around the lake and enjoy the view and the breeze of the two lakes, Upper Lake and Lower Lake.  Walking along these two lakes has created more enthusiasm of the Tertians to climb the hills around Glendalough. About 5:30 we returned to the retreat house to have dinner at six. About 8:00 pm, the group who were to stay in the villa in Wicklow left the retreat house.