Historia domus

There were two sessions in the morning: Father Joe gave a session on A Pathway to God – an introduction to the reading “Constitution and Complementary Norms” and Father Jan gave a presentation about what happened during the 35th General Congregation  in Rome. He, who had participated in GC35, explained well the situation of this very important meeting for the Society of Jesus.  There are two important things from GC35: the election of Father General and preparing of the new document.

In the afternoon Joe give introduction regarding the experiment or placement which will be presented by Father Jan. We received brief information for each possible place for the tertians to go for the experiment or placement. He showed a PowerPoint and also left brochures, pamphlets and letters relating to these possible places. He put all the information of the places for the experiement in aula for the tertian to read and think about.

We had supper earlier today, since we went for the lecture given by Janet Ruffing (Professor in the Practice of Spirituality and Ministerial Leadership Yale Divinity School, Yale University) in memory of William Johnston, an Irish Jesuit, who worked in Japan. The lecture was entitled: A Path to God Today: Nurturing Imagination and Symbol.