Historia domus

Hallowe’en day. Gabriel cooked for the community. Brendan said mass for the community for the feast of St. Alphonsus Rodrigues, Jesuit Brother. Fr. Jan arrived at home late evening.

Historia domus

As usual, Tertians went to different places to attend mass  and some of them presided at mass in different communities. We had a movie “Into the west”, telling a story about the travelers in Ireland. Piaras cooked for the community.

Historia domus

Brendan cooked our lunch. Gabriel said mass in the afternoon and Piaras said mass in the morning. Some Tertians had an outing in the morning and some went in the afternoon. In the evening we had a movie, some Tertian watched it and some were in the house.

The writings of Ignatius – and ours

The Tertians continued to focus on the Constitutions and Complementary Norms. As well as hearing about them, they took time to work in groups and present the results of their study on different sections to the whole group. This week saw a variety of presentation styles as people drew on their backgrounds and expertise to present facets of the documents that Ignatius of Loyola wrote over some fifteen years.
A study day on Tuesday allowed time to catch up with the reading required and with the various tasks that define the Tertianship. In addition to the group work described, each Tertian continues to reflect on and write autobiography in which he describes the people and sequence of events that have placed him where he finds himself in the world. The importance of such writing to Jesuits is underlined by attention Ignatius of Loyola gave to his personal writings as he used them as a way to focus on and celebrate God’s presence and action in his life.

Jim Corkery visited the Tertianship on Thursday night to tell his story. With his characteristic enthusiasm, he described what Jesuit life and doing theology mean to him. He regularly referred to the many Jesuits he knew from the provinces of those present, bringing to life what had been described as ‘living with change’ as he spoke about his experiences.

Our way of proceeding

Among the guiding documents for Jesuits are the Constitutions and Complementary Norms of the Society of Jesus. The documents date from the middle of the sixteenth century and remain a vital source for us to discover what was in the mind of Ignatius and his companions. We were fortunate to have Brian O’Leary with us to present a number of sessions on the origin and application of the texts and were glad to benefit from his years of study and reflection on Ignatian spirituality.

During the week, Joe Dargan introduced this year’s reading of the Spiritual Journal of Saint Ignatius, which again constitutes a part of Ignatius writings which benefits from some guidance and discussion. Joe also took some time to consider with us and more recent aspect of Jesuit history in offering his own recollections of Pedro Arrupe, (Jesuit Superior General 1965-1983). He drew helpfully on some video interviews with Vincent O’Keeffe, former Vicar General of the Society.

Pat Nolan was Thursday night’s visitor, sharing inspirational, challenging and encouraging story. He outlined his life’s path which involved being a novice, businessman, husband and father describing how Ignatian spirituality has shaped him.