The weather in the morning was a cloudy till afternoon, but then we had bright sunlight when we have a session with Kevin Egan who talked about “Transition” (4:00pm – 6:45pm)

In the morning we had a meeting with Father Jan, he informed all assignments and the possible person in charge, including the one to be in charge for web master. Father Jan said, it can be changed if on the way we have some difficulties and problems which make things not go well or, if there is any question about the work, Father Jan is ready to help.

As the assignments given by Father Jan after the meeting this morning 9.30, today all Tertians run through the job guidelines and some of them have to start their duty afterwards. As Earl Barredo, Weekly Job Coordinator, and Jaroslav, liturgist, have prepared the schedule so that the daily activities have started to involve all Tertians into daily and weekly duties. The community sign board gets full of notices and schedules – “No idle man, every one is hired.”

At 12.20, Toto said mass for the community and shared from the ordinary time readings, about God’s endless love.

In the afternoon we started at 4:00pm. Opening with a poem “Sometimes” (David Whyte), Kevin Egan, Psychology Professor in All Hallows College, spoke on the topic of Transition, mostly based on the book William Bridges (1997). Using a PowerPoint presentation entitled “Embracing Transition”, he emphasized the process of transition which involves losses-ending, three phases of transition (ending – neutral zone – beginning), the neutral zone, and zone of stability. There are six Functions served by Transition: Reorientation; Personal Growth; Authentication; Creatitivity; Spirituality; Renewal.

There is an exercise which brings the participant to recall the experience of transition with the reflection guide “Experiencing Transition” which has some directive questions in it. First, tertiants were asked to share two by two about the transition experience then as in the whole group, Kevin opened to some participants who willed to share and also he deepened the sharing of the participants through the reflection guide.

Lorenço brought the question about the Jesuit charism and Jesuit spirituality into the topic of transition  – that the difficulties in the process transition for the Jesuits actually it has been anticipated, so that it is a Jesuit way that we are always ready for the process of transition. How do we elaborate and accommodate the Jesuit spirituality and charism into our way to cope the difficulties in the process of transition, as Kevin has offered?

Joe in the beginning of the session introduced Kevin Egan to the tertian then he left Kevin in the aula and Jan was with us till the end of the session about 6.45 pm.

After the session, all of us went to the dining room together with us Kevin and Joe was not with us, he as  usual he had  supper with the Manresa Community in the retreat house.