Today is the last day of the week for sharing from the heart. Lorenco, Gabriel and Alban shared their experiences generously. In the morning as usual we started the sharing at 9.30 and ended 12.00, while in the afternoon we began at 17.00. In the afternoon we have mass in the feast of Saint Jerome, Earl was the presider. He brought the message inspired by the reading and example of Saint Jerome’s works to bring the Good News to the people we serve. We missed the guitarist, since Brendan was not around during the mass.

At the end of the meeting this afternoon, Father Joe coordinated the plan for going to Glendalough, both in the practical matters and the purpose of the visit. This visit is a part of the process to build the Tertian community and also to be in touch with the Irish Christianity’s history. This will help each Tertian to be in touch with his own Christian tradition in his own country. The length of the visit will be three days, Monday to Wednesday, 3-5 October 2011. It was mentioned also that on Sunday every Tertian should have hours of silence to reflect on the experience during this week, specially the“sharing from the heart” session.

As Friday evening is the haustus time, we gathered in the aula, saw Danang’s presentation on his paintings and photos from his parish apostolate experience in Girisonta, Indonesia. There are two themes in the presentation: Spiritual Exercises and about Hope in the destruction. The presentation shows the connection between Jesuit Spirituality and paintings (arts). Through the paintings, a Jesuit can share his concern and the Ignatian spirituality. Thanks Danang.