Before dinner-time a Tertian met Fr. John K. Guiney, the Irish Jesuit who is in charge of Irish Jesuit Missions, he said that the weather yesterday (28 September) was the hottest day of this year. Today we had another sunny day we had.

Today we have heard the sharing of three tertiants, Danang, Robert, and Jaroslav in the afternoon.

Brendan celebrated mass in the Feast of the archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. At the mass we greeted and prayed for Father Gabriel. Brendan shared about the role of the angels in the connection between God and human.

Fr. John K Guiney joined with us for dinner before sharing his Jesuit life. At 8:00 pm, we started to listen to Father John sharing which talked about his Jesuit journey from the novitiate till his last assignement. His novitiate was under Father Joe Dargan, the novice master when the novitiate was here (in Manresa). Then he continued his formation in Juniorate and Philosophy when Ireland was at a moment of change. For his regency, he was sent to East Africa to work among the unfortunate people. The moment of regency is the moment when he actually started his Jesuit life as missionary and was away from his superior. He went back to Ireland to study theology. After his ordination he returned to East Africa working among the simple one with various kind of challlenges. Issues of violence, HIV/AIDS, poverty and political conflict were really parts of his apostolic environment. Once he experienced a plane accident that brought him near to being paralised. He had a broken arm and rib and he had to be rested totally about a year before returned to his mission without any fear. And after his accident, he said it was second chance to give his life for other people so I do not have any fear anymore.

In the midst of his talk, he also shared about his challenges about being Jesuit and religious who worked in the mission area, with the vows and community life, his dream of being a missionary, of falling in love, of meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures, and how to deepen his personal life as a Jesuit who was involved mostly in the active life of caring for others.

It was at 9:00pm, when we gave him applause and thanked him for his generous presence and for sharing his life journey. Thank you very much, John.

This is also part of “sharing from the heart.”