God has not ended the summer of this year…Thank You Lord for another bright day.

As tertianship is called the school of the heart, three tertians today have journeyed through the session “sharing from the heart”. Brendan, Toto and Piaras shared their spiritually valuable experiences and the instructors were with us in the sessions of sharing.

The process of “sharing from the heart” is:

  1. One of us shares his valuable experience about 5-7 minutes length and others are listening attentively.
  2. After listening the personal sharing, then we have a quiet time about 5-7 minutes to reflect on the story or sharing through the three questions:
  • What is my feeling when I hear the story?
  • With what can I identify in the story?
  • Are there other feelings come up?
  1. After about seven minutes of reflection, each listener in turn shares his feelings and reactions or responds to the personal sharing. The three instructors also share their feelings after listening to the personal sharing.

This “sharing from the heart” week will end on Friday. Every day, we have three persons who share their experiences.

Danang, today, celebrated his first mass for the Tertian community on this feast of Saint Vincent de Paul and inspired us to follow the steps of Saint Vincent to help the poor and those who are in difficulties.