Historia domus

It was windy-cloudy Sunday.

The tertians were spread to several places to celebrate mass.
Some of them went to Gabriel Church Dollymount, some said mass in St Monicha communty. Some were in the Polish Catholic Community in Dublin.

Today is an opportunity for the tertians to be involved with Church services in various places.

Historia domus


It is surprising that we still have a bright and sunny Monday.

Following the schedule of today, we began the meeting with the introduction from Joe. Joe brought us to reflect on last week’s experience, our previous activities (the opening session with Joe on being gentle with your self, transition and Saint Ignatius the Pilgrim) and tertianship dynamics. All tertians shared their “transition and adjusting” experience to the programme and to the local tradition. Then we continue with “Sharing from the heart”, Joe (shared in the morning), Kevin and Jan finished their sharing today.  It was the time to listen in silence and also time for the heart to speak.

In the middle of the “sharing from the heart”, Jaroslav presided at mass for the community. He shared in his homily, inspired by today reading, about becoming a little one.

Every one has put his own name on the “sharing from the heart” list. The Tertians will begin to share tomorrow morning.

The year begins

Published in AMDG

When a Jesuit has finished his studies and worked in some ministry for a couple of years, there is one final hurdle, called Tertianship, to be crossed before his “formation” is complete. The European Tertianship programme based at Manresa, Dublin, kicked off on 19 September with twelve English-speaking Tertians from all over Europe, including two from Indonesia and one from the Philippines. For the first time on this programme there are two Irish Jesuits, Piaras Jackson and Brendan McManus. This one-year renewal course involves going back to the Jesuit sources, including Ignatius’ Autobiography and Constitutions; making a 30-day retreat; and working for two and a half months in some pastoral ministry, followed by systematic reflection on the experience. See Brendan’s photos here.