Historia domus

Historia domus

newgrange-24-9-11-057It was a blessing to have a sunny Saturday. It encouraged people, including the Tertians, to have some outings during the week end.

Pavel drove a blue car, bringing Jeroslav, Danang, and Toto to Drogedha to visit Newgrange, Trim Castle, and the Hill of Tara. Though it was a quite long trip, the historical sites are really worth to visit and give knowledge the ancient Irish history.

Other Tertians, some of them were in the house, doing their personal things.

Some of them were going to the town to see friends and buy their needs.

We have three masses due to the different time table of the Tertians’ activities. (Morning twice and once in the evening)

In the evening, we have movie the Legend of Bagger Vance. It talked mostly about a struggling golfer (Junuh) and the caddy (Baggar Vance) who guides the master (golfer).

Historia domus

Tertianship begins

TertianshipThe afternoon of 19 September saw the 2011-2012 group of Tertians arrive, some directly from the airport while others travelled from various parts of Dublin where they have spent recent weeks. The first days of the Tertianship were taken gently with the necessary introductions, overviews and familiarisation being offered by the instructors Joe Dargan and Jan van de Poll.

The usual short biographies will be offered on this site later.