A Time to Conclude

Time flies–this is the common experience of all the Tertians especially after they came back from the placement. And it creates a sort of sentimental feeling. Having completed the study and reflection on the last parts of Constitutions, GC 36 and Final Vows, the... read more

Back to Galilee–Cardoner House, again!

Having finished their 10-week placement, the 11 Tertians returned to Cardoner House after Easter (somehow, similar to that the Eleven went back to Galilee after the resurrection of the Lord). The previous empty house is filled with laughter becomes lively again. Now,... read more

Experiment: Go out to the end of the world…

After Christmas break, the Cadoner House returned to its normal daily routine on January 2. First of all, the community studied Ignatian Spiritual Exercises based on their previous experiences. Then, there were a series of lectures, workshops and discussion on... read more

An inspiration

Lord, grant that I may see thee more clearly,
love thee more dearly,
follow thee more nearly.
Spiritual Exercises §104

European provinces


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